eFinancialModels is a platform that offers skilled financial modelers to sell their quality industry-specific financial model templates & tailored services to enhance decision-making for professionals.

Our Mission

Our purpose at eFinancialModels is to assist entrepreneurs, key executives, and investors in their financial analysis and modeling tasks. We provide a platform where financial modelers can offer their industry-specific financial spreadsheet templates in Excel and financial modeling services to our users.

The financial model templates can be used as a base to create financial plans, company valuations, investment analysis, capital raising, M&A transaction analysis, checklists, tracking, and many more. Our financial model spreadsheets have been designed to provide some of the best-in-class financial model templates available.

Our financial modeling services include professional consultation, custom financial model requests, call consultations, financial plan reviews, assistance with customizing an existing financial model template, and other financial modeling tasks.

The Team

Our team is comprised of financial professionals skilled in financial modeling, with a wealth of experience in areas such as Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Valuation, Budget Planning, Private Venture, and other financial modeling expertise in various Industries. We have launched this cutting-edge platform to provide a space for professionals like us to share their unparalleled expertise and skills with the world. By offering a range of customizable spreadsheet templates and premier financial modeling services, we are committed to helping businesses in various industries achieve their financial goals. Join us today and take your financial modeling to the next level!

What We Do

At eFinancialModels, we are dedicated to providing high-quality financial modeling solutions that cater to a broad spectrum of financial analysis needs. Our offerings are meticulously designed to support entrepreneurs, startup founders, business owners, investors, lenders, consultants, and finance professionals in making well-informed financial decisions. Our services are bifurcated into two main categories: Financial Model Templates and Financial Modeling Services, each tailored to meet the diverse and sophisticated requirements of our clientele.

Section 1: Financial Model Templates

Our Financial Model Templates are the cornerstone of our offerings. Developed with precision mostly in MS Excel and some in Google Sheets, these templates are crafted to serve a wide array of industries and sectors. Each template is a product of extensive research and is designed to offer a comprehensive toolkit for performing detailed financial analysis. Whether it’s for evaluating new ventures, conducting feasibility studies for new projects, analyzing investment opportunities, valuing companies, assets, and real estate, or for budgeting and scenario analysis, our templates provide a robust foundation for financial planning. These templates are not just tools but a guide towards achieving financial clarity and developing effective fundraising proposals.

Section 2: Financial Modeling Services

Beyond our templates, eFinancialModels offers bespoke Financial Modeling Services. This segment of our offerings is dedicated to providing personalized financial modeling solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our Team of experienced financial modelers works closely with clients to understand their unique challenges and objectives. Whether it’s custom model development, template modification, or advisory services, we leverage our expertise to deliver models that are not only accurate but also user-friendly and adaptable to changing scenarios. Our Financial Modeling Services are designed to assist our clients in navigating complex financial landscapes, enabling strategic decision-making, and unlocking potential business opportunities.

Reviews and Testimonials

At eFinancialModels, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled quality through our sophisticated financial model templates and services. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the glowing feedback we receive from entrepreneurs, startup founders, business owners, investors, lenders, consultants, and finance professionals worldwide. Here’s what some of our esteemed clients have to say about how our tools have empowered them to make better financial decisions:

“Transformative Tools for Business Growth”
“The financial models from eFinancialModels have been a game-changer for our startup. They’ve not only simplified our financial analysis but also provided deep insights that have been instrumental in our fundraising efforts. A must-have resource for any ambitious entrepreneur.” – Alex R., Startup Founder

“Precision and Reliability in Financial Planning”
“As a finance consultant, I’ve relied on numerous tools over my career, but none have matched the precision and reliability of eFinancialModels’ templates. Their industry-specific models have enabled me to deliver exceptional value to my clients, making complex analyses both understandable and actionable.” – Samantha K., Finance Consultant

“Expertise and Efficiency Combined”
“eFinancialModels has significantly enhanced our investment analysis process. Their templates are meticulously designed, easy to use, and backed by a level of expertise that instills confidence in the decisions we make. An invaluable asset for any finance professional.” – Michael D., Investment Analyst

“Strategic Advantage for Entrepreneurs”
“The comprehensive nature of the financial models provided by eFinancialModels has given us a strategic advantage in evaluating new business opportunities. The scenarios and budgeting tools have been particularly useful for our planning and forecasting needs.” – Lisa T., Business Owner

Here are the other reviews from our users:

Your Partner in Financial Excellence

These testimonials represent just a fraction of the positive feedback we’ve received from our global client base. At eFinancialModels, we’re dedicated to equipping you with the tools you need to analyze, evaluate, and navigate the financial landscape with confidence. Whether you’re preparing a fundraising proposal, analyzing a new venture, or planning your next big investment, our templates and services are designed to set the foundation for your success.

Discover how eFinancialModels can transform your financial decision-making process. Explore our collection today and join the ranks of satisfied clients achieving their business and financial goals.

Please check out our directory of financial model templates with Excel models, such as those listed below.

Vendors Wanted!

eFinancialModels partners with Skilled Financial Modelers who like to list their quality financial model templates on our platform. Here are currently the authors that are part of our vendor program:

We are always searching for skilled and experienced financial modelers who can provide us with good financial model templates in Excel or Google Sheets as well as financial modeling services. If you are interested in being listed on our platform as an author, we invite you to register as a vendor with us.