Licenses and Permitted Use

This is to create an amendment to our Terms of Use regarding the purchases of products offered on eFinancialModels’ website and the included license and its permitted use.

Multi-User License

This is the standard and default license used at eFinancialModels and is the one referred to in the Terms of Use. This Multi-User license allows the purchaser to use and share the financial model product in a group/team/society/organization with up to 20 members such as Business Owners, Investor Group, Finance Team, Management, Contractors, etc. As financial models are used to explain an investment case from one party to the other, in most cases this is the license you will need.

All other licenses are special cases which only apply in certain use cases.

Single-User License

This is a limited version license and in that case, the financial model product can only be used by one single user. It may not be shared with any other party and has to strictly remain in the possession of one single-user.

For Vendors: We normally do not recommend our vendors to issue such a license. Single-User licenses are issued by using the label “Single-User” in the Price Label field.

Unlimited User License

If you wish to use products from eFinancialModels and its authors which go beyond the permitted number of users or the scope of the Multi-User License, kindly get in touch with us. In that case, please specify the intended use, and then we will check back with the model author.

NOTE: Please keep in mind it took our financial model creators countless hours of sweat, energy, thinking, and years of expertise in putting those financial model spreadsheet templates together and their work needs to be rewarded. Therefore, please keep in mind that the redistribution or reselling of financial model templates is not allowed. This is further explained and stated in our Terms of Use.