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Explore and download the financial model templates in Excel listed below to help you in your financial modeling tasks. These financial model Excel templates are not specific to one industry which means, you can reuse them for your next financial model regardless of the industry. Basically, these financial Excel templates or financial model Excel templates can be generally used for any industry as well as use them for reference when building your own financial model to perform either valuation, bookkeeping, financial analysis, financial projections, business or financial plans, budgeting, and many more.

Factsheet with main macroeconomic indicators based on the country selection and base year. The data used have been retrieved from the International Monetary Fund Database - World Economic Outlook - October 2018. The model has…

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This is a combined collection of Excel and Google Sheets financial model templates for Accounting and related uses, such as: tracking, inventory management, budget vs. actual, break-even analysis, payment schedule, P&L tracker, etc. The bundle…

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A collection of financial model templates in a bundle for Sales Pipeline. Included in the bundle are the following templates: Stage-Based Customer Pipeline Manager (Google Sheets) - This is built in google sheets and does a…

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This is a financial model template of Budget vs. Actual for 1 year. The spreadsheet is made in Google Sheets for users who prefer an easy to use file which can be shared.. Tabs include:…

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To analyse where the cash is coming from and going out, cash flow statements are prepared. It has three main categories – operating cash flow which includes day-to-day transactions, investing cash flow which includes transactions…

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General Excel Financial Models | Financial Excel Templates 

The task of building Financial models, conducting Valuation, Bookkeeping, Financial Reporting, Cash Flow analysis, Financial Projections, Forecasting, Profitability Analysis, Budgeting, Financial services, Business Management, Business Plan or Financial Plan, and many more. These are some of the most essential things needed in starting a business, making an investment, fundraising, or personal financial financing.

Creating specifically designed financial models for every Industry and use case can be too time-consuming and especially if you are handling different businesses in different Industries. That’s why general excel financial models or general templates in Excel are a lifesaver. Saving your time for creating different financial models for almost every industry. These financial model in Excel templates can also be used and reused by just editing and simply replacing the figures needed to be calculated and analyzed.


Download Templates in Excel not Industry specific and can be reused in almost any Industry

Instead of starting from scratch to create your next Excel spreadsheet, it is much better to use ready-made financial model templates in Excel which will serve as your basis to start your financial plan or business plan as well as for other use cases. With easy to edit options and some guidance, these templates in excel will help you a lot in saving your time and resources, making you even more efficient.

Above is a list of General Excel Financial models which you can use in almost any Industry or for personal uses. If you’re an analyst and in need of templates that are not industry-specific and are general excel financial models instead, you can collect it for future use for different clients by just downloading the ones you need easily! Since these financial model templates in Excel can be used generally and not specific to one industry, you can design it to fit whatever kind of trade, services or businesses you want to use it for.

Don’t be confused about which financial Excel templates to choose and simply decide upon which financial model template in Excel fits more your specification and use case. Just try our General Excel Financial models to help you in creating a business plan, financial plan or valuation for your business and investments, and other financial modeling tasks. Included in the model templates are also various charts and visual projections for you to understand the contents easily, plus, some of the templates contain instructions which will help you go through on how to apply the figures as well as do all the calculations and analysis for you.

No more frowning from thinking too much and dizzying calculations, take advantage and grab these general financial model in Excel templates now. Let us help you have an easier way and an efficient way of creating financial models that are not specific to any kind of businesses in any industry.

But of course, if you need industry-specific financial model templates in Excel, we got it covered for you! Simply check our list of industries and choose which fits your specifications and use cases. These templates are available to download for any kind of user from different countries such as in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, and many more who are looking for templates to use as a reference or a base as well as in need of assistance to complete their financial models and other financial modeling tasks.