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Financial Management and Analysis

Financial Models

Over 6 years of cross sector M&A experience in with excellent financial modelling skills.


I have a passion for utilizing modeling and analysis to make better business decisions. I believe in leveraging financial and operational data to understand the problems facing a business and


With 10+ years of experience CFO, I'm willing to provide business owners and managers with professional financial expertise that a part-time CFO can deliver remotely.100+ SAAS/ECOM/


M&A advisors with more than 20 years combined experience in Private Equity, Corporate Finance and Company Valuation topics. We possess extensive financial modeling know-how gained from working


Big4WallStreet is a team of experts in Financial Modeling / Planning & Perfomance / Data Analysis & Forecasting with vast experience within corporate finance and financial planning teams. They have been using

Financial Model Shop

Experienced Corporate Finance Professional and Financial Modeler with rich international experience


My background is in accounting. Since moving out of the employee side, I now focus on providing financial models of all kinds to all different businesses. My biggest focus is

Auxiler Financial Services

Intelligent researcher with over 10 years of experience in Financial/Market Research and accounting. Created Business Financial Models of complex sectors like Power & Energy, Cement, Natural resources, Aviation, Capital

Corporate Finance Institute

Advance your career. CFI is a leading global provider of online financial modeling and valuation courses for financial analysts.CFI's programs and certifications have been delivered to thousands of


I am CFA from ICFAI and after gaining a wide range of experience in the fields of corporate finance, financial management, equity research, budgeting, accounting and mergers with different government

Yash M

Chartered Accountant" by qualification, with 6+ years of experience. Worked for biggest Auto Finance Company of USA for 1.5 years as a credit analyst. Founded “Infocrest” in 2014, “A

Muhammad Ather

I am Financial Modeler & Financial Analyst

Financial Model Now!

Jake and Alex graduated from school, right in the middle of the financial crisis – not ideal timing. Incredibly, we both got jobs - Jake in internet advertising, Alex in investment banking.

David Scott

David Scott is a licensing and business development consultant, with over 35 years experience working in the healthcare sector. For the past 22 years David has worked as a freelance

Pradhumn Kumar

Have built financial models with full valuations since 8 years for big investment banks. My models are simple to navigate yet detailed with all important aspects covered to get an

Jean Claude

Jean Claude is a trainer and consultant based in Kigali, Rwanda. He's a PhD student in the field of Finance and prior to that he holds an MBA in

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