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With 10+ years of experience CFO, I'm willing to provide business owners and managers with professional financial expertise that a part-time CFO can deliver remotely.100+ SAAS/ECOM/


M&A advisors with more than 20 years combined experience in Private Equity, Corporate Finance and Company Valuation topics. We possess extensive financial modeling know-how gained from working


ABOUT PROJECTIFY We are a small team of financial modelling professionals with experience working in Big 4 Business Modelling teams and strong experience supporting businesses with their financial planning and

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Over 6 years of cross sector M&A experience in with excellent financial modelling skills.

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Experienced Corporate Finance Professional and Financial Modeler with rich international experience

Samuel Banda

Samuel is a business and entrepreneurship development graduate from UNISA Graduate School Of Business Leadership. I'm the founder and principal principal consultant at High Rays Business Solutions, a business

D'Errico Financial Services

Financial Reporting Specialist with MBA in Finance.


My background is in accounting. Since moving out of the employee side, I now focus on providing financial models of all kinds to all different businesses. My biggest focus is


Big4WallStreet is a team of experts in Financial Modeling / Planning & Perfomance / Data Analysis & Forecasting with vast experience within corporate finance and financial planning teams. They have been using


I have a passion for utilizing modeling and analysis to make better business decisions. I believe in leveraging financial and operational data to understand the problems facing a business and

Auxiler Financial Services

Intelligent researcher with over 10 years of experience in Financial/Market Research and accounting. Created Business Financial Models of complex sectors like Power & Energy, Cement, Natural resources, Aviation, Capital

Pierre-Alexandre Heurtebize

Pierre has contributed to the completion of over 30 transactions across Europe and Australia, specializing in the retail, SaaS, and technology spaces. He helped entrepreneurs, CEOs, and CFOs make investment


We're a team of creative experts in Financial Modeling / Financial Planning & Analysis / Data Analysis & Forecasting/ with vast experience in corporate Financial Management and Analysis. We aim to

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