Health Care
This category contains financial model templates in Excel which can be used for businesses such as hospitals and other health-care businesses. The Excel model provide a basis framework to prepare financial plans and cash flow projections for such businesses.

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The HealthCare Industry

The healthcare industry, also called the medical industry or health economy, is comprised of companies and non-profit organizations that provide medical services, manufactures medical equipment, and develop pharmaceuticals. The healthcare industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries, with a huge market and contributes an enormous part in a country’s economy.

In this generation, keeping up-to-date with the latest technology for medical purposes, thus the capital needed tend to be very high compared to other industries. But, it is no question that the medical industry rake in a lot of returns, keeping the flow of money rolling within the economic setup.

The healthcare industry is usually categorized into the following:

  • Hospital Activities – activities that are usually conducted in a medical establishment or in a hospital
  • Medical and Dental Practice Activities – activities are done by specialized practitioners such as doctors and dentists
  • Other Human Health Activities – activities related to improving health or under the supervision of nurses, midwives, therapists, laboratories, clinics, residential health facilities, and other related health professions

Healthcare covers a broad definition thus the industry was even further distinguished into two main groups:

Healthcare Equipment and Services Group
This group consists mostly of companies and entities that supply medical equipment, supplies, and services, to medical-related establishments such as hospitals, healthcare providers, nursing homes, etc.

Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and related Life Sciences
This group consists of companies and entities that manufactures and produces biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and other miscellaneous scientific services that require the aid of high-tech equipment and a large capital or investment.

The modern healthcare industry nowadays is divided into different segments such as:
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing
  • Physicians
  • Dentists
  • Health Care Services at home
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Outpatient Departments
  • Ambulant Health Care Facilities
  • Diagnostic Laboratories and Medical Services
  • etc.

According to the World Health Care Industry, it includes any medical institution which consists of at least a single medical assistant, medical practitioner, or groups of medical practitioners connected to hospitals or related establishments.


The Health Care Economy

“The more money you invest, the more you make.” Ever heard of this line before? But, the truth is, you shouldn’t invest in money that you can’t afford to lose. It is considered as the golden rule in investing. Same can be applied in the healthcare industry. It is undeniable that starting a business in the healthcare sector requires a large amount of capital invested in, as well as high paying professionals in the medical sectors. But, it is also a fact that the returns are very high and worth the investment.

Though the open and private health structures have gone through the ups and downs for quite a long time, prioritizing health care has been continuously trending. Thus, it resulted in the market expansion, clinical advances and innovation, and endless rising labor costs. The potential entailed with these opportunities further encouraged the development of even more businesses under the healthcare sector. It is no wonder that the healthcare economy is still going strong despite the rising costs needed to be expended.


Investing and Starting a Business in Health Care

As the world is growing, population-wise and economy-wise, the healthcare industry is continuously growing too. This deemed businesses in health care as one of the most profitable and sought-after opportunity that one can't miss.

Starting a business in Health Care Industry is in demand due to the rising need for proper facilities and the number of the target market in this kind of industry. In addition, maintaining or improving the health of each and every one is a top priority. Especially with the advance technology nowadays and health insurances, getting the right treatment is not impossible and even give options to connect an ongoing relationship with their market.

There has been also an unprecedented load on the public health care system, thus, it opened up a place for others who want to invest or start their own health care business. But, there’s no such thing as an easy ride, so there are certain steps that one needs to ensure to have a chance to be successful in this kind of industry.

The following are a few guidelines especially for those who are planning to start a healthcare business:

Market Research

This process is one of the most critical parts of starting a business, no matter which industry. Hiring a research team to work with or analysts will be helpful, especially if you don’t have any know-how behind the industry. But, if you’re confident about your knowledge and have a history of running a business, then you can simply conduct a market research yourself by creating a model and using it as your key indicator on what needs to be studied more, figure out what you need to prepare, and other plans that you need to do. You can also utilize market research templates to spend less time and resources for your research and planning.

Investors and Partners

Choose your potential investors and partners carefully. They are key factors that will serve as the pillar to keep your business afloat. You need to ensure that your goals are also their goals. Without compatibility, the stability of your funds might be jeopardized. Especially in cases when your partners are the suppliers. Competition is tough when it comes to trying to monopolize a certain product. Thus, the importance of your relationship between your partners/investors, must be in the same wavelength as you are.

Tracking, Management, and Updating

Be always on track and keep up with the flow. In the healthcare industry, there are constant changes and advancements that you need to look out for. These could be key factors that will help you lead your business to grow faster and larger. There will be new advanced technology, new trends, new strategies, new assumptions that could bring about changes in the operations of the business, etc. It is always best to know not just the surface but also behind the scenes. Managing the business properly in a systematic way is even better by preparing a tracking system model that will help you become more efficient and resourceful.

Risks and Assumptions

Just like any business, it is not definite that everything will go smoothly and succeed. Some unfortunate startups do fail. Thus, it is important to consider the risks and run assumption checks to ensure the feasibility of your business. You need to create a proper business plan or a financial plan to prepare for your business’ future. Especially when it comes to financing, a business must always have an adequate amount to help run the operations and pay for other expenditures or loan repayments if there’s any. With a financial model, you won’t have to worry too much since you’ll be able to prepare ahead of time and determine your business’ potential and limitations.

Vision and Mission

Once you join the healthcare industry, one must take note that it’s not just a simple business that you’re trying to venture in, you also take part in a huge responsibility which you are bound to fulfill. Healthcare is not just a business. As you already know, not all healthcare products or services are affordable to the masses, in fact, it tends to be very expensive to even have an insurance. Of course, since you’re running a business, you can’t help but avoid shouldering a free service. But, there are certain ways that enable you to fulfill your social responsibilities, e.g. joining NGO’s, assisting the government with social services, providing input to health organizations in terms of research assistance, etc.


There are many ways one could go about on how to start a business in the healthcare industry. But there’s one thing that is clear to see, creating a working model is critical as a tool to determine whether investing or starting a healthcare business is worth your money for.


Download Healthcare Industry Financial Model Templates

Managing healthcare businesses requires a lot of details and attention, so the need for a financial plan is high. Business in Healthcare involves a lot of high-end equipment, cash and other transactions or financing that will need to be kept on track and managed properly. There are also other circumstances that would need to be realized ahead of time and getting a view of your business position will help prepare you for the said events that might affect your business. Hence, proper preparation and planning are critical.

Instead of creating financial plans or financial models from scratch, you can work more efficiently if you can download templates to work on with easy to edit options and ready for implementation. Saving you time from doing calculations and researching for more accurate forecasting.

If you are in need of healthcare industry financial model templates, above is a list of templates that are designed specifically for businesses in the healthcare sector. Coupled with the experience of creating financial models for companies, businesses and other entrepreneurs to almost every industry, the listed financial model templates are poured with the financial modeling know-how by financial analysis experts.

These financial model templates in Excel can be used for businesses such as hospitals and other health-care businesses. The healthcare industry financial model templates provide a basic framework to prepare financial plans and cash flow projections for such businesses. It also provides other financial projections in a business, as a representation of the business’s value and potential profitability to attract investors, venture capitalists and others. Included with excel spreadsheets, scenarios for accurate forecasting and many more, to complete and fulfill the role of an effective financial plan for your business.

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