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If you have a solid financial modeling skills and you wish to sell your template or services via eFinancialModels kindly fill out below form to register as a vendor and submit your own financial models on our platform. Our Terms of Use apply. Kindly see also the guide here How to Sell Financial Model Templates.

  • Selling Financial Model Templates by registering on as vendor below. Kindly note:
    • Profit Split is 70/30, meaning you will get 70% of any product sale made, 30% will be for us
    • Generate Profile and Backlink to your website
    • Pricing
      • In principle choose the pricing and model versions you like to offer as you like
      • Guidance for Single models – USD 25.- to USD 35.- per Excel Template
      • Guidance for Bundles/Packages and highly Complex Models USD 50.- to USD 100.- per Excel Template
    • Kindly upload two version of your Excel File
      • a FREE version where all formulas are protected (see instructions here) so interested Users can first see what they buy
      • a PAID version where all formulas are unprotected in Excel
    • If your model uses macros, you need to mention it in the description and mark it with the use case “macros”
    • We manually approve all submitted financial models before they are posted on our website
  • Selling Financial Modeling Services
    • Profit Split is 80/20, meaning you will get 80% of any services sold via our marketplace
    • Contact us for more information.

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