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If you have solid financial modeling skills and you wish to sell your template or services via eFinancialModels kindly fill out below form to register as a vendor and submit your own financial models on our platform. Our Terms of Use apply. Kindly see also our guide how to sell financial model templates.

Registration as Vendor


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In case you are wondering how eFinancialModels operates, here some important information in short:

  • Profit Split is 70/30, meaning you will get 70% for any product sale made, 30% will be commission for us
  • Pricing as you like means you can choose the price for which you want to sell your model. However, many vendors asked us for some help, so here our recommendation:

    • Most users are ready to pay between USD 20 to USD 40 per Excel Template for the main reason that it saves them significant time than having to develop a model from scratch.
    • Only very few users are spending more than USD 50 per financial model template. This is harder to sell and to justify.
    • The nicer your model is formatted and presentable, the better it sells because users will save time in having to reformat it again.
  • Kindly upload two version of your Excel File
    • a FREE version where all formulas are protected (see instructions here) so interested Users can first see what they buy
    • a PAID version where all formulas are unprotected in Excel
    • If your model uses macros, you need to mention it in the description and mark it with the use case “macros”
    • We manually approve all submitted financial models before they are posted on our website
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