Help with Formulas in Excel Spreadsheets


Mastering MS Excel can be a constant struggle and there are many formulas which can make your life easier or more difficult. If you might need help with formulas in Excel spreadsheets, we have listed below some carefully selected resources we recommend to consult.


Formula Tutorial MS Excel Microsoft MS Excel Formula Tutorial

You can download a free spreadsheet from the creators of Excel which provides examples of the most important formulas in Excel and how they are used. See the Formula Tutorial.


Excel Nexus from Vertex42

Vertex42 offers a directory of great Excel resources on the net. Vertex itself offers a rich inventory of quality Excel spreadsheets for many different uses. Feel free to checkout the Excel Nexus.


Feel free to let us know of any other good resource which you believe should be listed here.

Get help with formulas in Excel spreadsheets. Consult the resources above!