Spreadsheet Templates

Spreadsheets allow us to perform dynamic and complex calculations while offering rich in-built functionalities with the goal to process, calculate, analyze, and understand numbers in every aspect. They allow us to easily change parts of the calculations and use complex methodologies to get the result of our calculations in no time. As such, spreadsheets have become very valuable tools in business and they have become essential for the work of finance professionals in today’s generation.

For most users, Excel and financial modeling go hand in hand. Excel is a great tool with features that help with building financial models. These features even further make the process of creating financial models and analysis easier to understand for any kind of readers. Therefore, it is no wonder that Excel is much preferred when building spreadsheet templates for others to use.

At eFinancialModels, we focus on Excel Spreadsheet Templates for the main reason that they are the number one tool used by finance professionals today. Our goal is to provide a repository of quality Excel spreadsheet templates which are available to anybody interested.

Our financial spreadsheet templates are used by customers from all over the world, from countries such as the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, and many others. No matter wherever you are located in the world, we, eFinancialModels, and our vendors try very hard every day to offer you, our readers, access to the best in class financial model spreadsheet templates available today. Moreover, we are also grateful to those who gave us reviews and feedbacks about our financial model templates, helping us create better content and grow more as a financial modeler. In turn, we are doing our best to increase our inventory of good quality financial model templates available for download. If you are looking for FREE Spreadsheet Templates and Advanced Spreadsheet Templates, then we have it here for you below:

Free Spreadsheet Templates

Listed here are all spreadsheet templates that are FREE to download. Most of these templates are the most basic ones for general use cases and others.

The three statement model provides a simple template in Excel to forecast the three financial statements over the next 5 years: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement

This model calculates the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) which can be used as discount rate for any DCF calculation.

This simple DCF model in Excel allows you to value a company via the Discounted Free Cash Flow (DCF) valuation method. The discounted cash flow valuation model uses a three statement model to derive free…

Advanced Spreadsheet Templates

Listed here are spreadsheet templates for those with much more advanced skill in financial modeling. Most require one to have a substantial amount of experience and a wide range of know-how about different industries, economy, business, finance, etc.

This financial modeling provide the essential financial information for strategical decision to provide the company growth

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This financial model can be used to evaluate the financial feasibility of a real estate development project and present it in investor grade quality to your partners. There is everything in there which is needed…

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Dynamic financial model for calculating cash splits to sponsors/investors based on various IRR hurdles getting reached.

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Test out various assumptions to see if it makes sense for you to open a franchise or multiple franchises. Includes assumptions specific to the operations of a franchise.

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See the full impact of your salesmen from top line to bottom.

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This financial model attempts to give the user a full scope of starting a 250 bed (adjustable) hospital. It will allow for all revenue and cost assumptions at a very complex level that is fully…

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This Financial Model for Mobile Apps provides an easy way to forecast the financial performance for an App sold in the App Stores and deriving revenues from paid downloads, advertisement and subscriptions.

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The eCommerce Valuation Model forecasts the expected financials for a webshop or eCommerce business and calculates the resulting DCF value.

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The Solar Energy Financial Model forecasts the expected financials for a Solar Park project and calculates the project's IRR and NPV.

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What are the Qualities of Good Excel Spreadsheet Templates?

Qualities of a Good Financial Model Template

  1. Solving problems

Each financial spreadsheet serves a purpose, otherwise, we wouldn’t spend hours of our time creating them. Excel spreadsheets normally solve information problems: We either do not know something or we do know but we don’t know why and how. Therefore, each excel spreadsheets has been created with a purpose to solve an information problem. In Financial Modeling common problems, Excel spreadsheets help solve the following questions:

  • What will be the cash position end of the year?
  • How much profit do we expect for the next year?
  • What is the present value of our company?
  • How much funding do we require?
  • How much return can investors expect?
  • How much will the equity stakes become diluted when taking on new investors?
  • What happens if some of our key value drivers (e.g. revenue growth, profit margin) change for the better or the worse?
  • What will be the relevant bank ratios when we take on new debt financing?
  • When will we achieve breakeven?
  • When do we achieve a payback on our investment?
  • etc.

The listed questions above are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more you can benefit from using a good quality spreadsheet template. Not only will we be able to resolve such problems but also gain some insights on what to improve as to avoid encountering such problems in the future. You get the idea. As there are many problems to solve in finance and in business, which we are still trying to solve by using all our experiences and continuous growth in financial modeling. Thus, we strive to provide good quality spreadsheet templates that will help users solve problems.

  1. Time-Saving

Good spreadsheet templates allow significant time-saving as they leverage existing work and make work that has already been done reusable. This is especially the case if the spreadsheet template being used is very similar to the problem we are trying to solve. Instead of having to develop the spreadsheet from scratch, one can simply enter the new assumptions, adjust certain calculations as to fit the specifications, and then the model will do all the work for you.

  1. Know-How

Good spreadsheets contain deep technical and/ or industry know-how. They focus on the right questions and analysis as they provide deep insights into why the result was achieved. Most users are in need of know-how from experienced professionals, hence, a good quality spreadsheet template must contain the know-how required.

  1. Technical Correctness

In order to be relied upon, an analysis needs to be technically correct. Unfortunately, errors are very common in Excel spreadsheets and sometimes, the errors are not necessarily inside the models, but in the way that they are used or when feeding the spreadsheets with wrong information. Garbage in will lead to garbage out! Basically, the user will also need to take note what data they feed in the model to arrive with precise and reliable results. Nevertheless, a good spreadsheet template needs to be technically correct.

  1. Transparency

When coming up with a result, very often the question is why. This requires us to recheck the calculations made in the spreadsheet and figure out which assumptions are mainly responsible for the outcome. Auditing a spreadsheet becomes much easier when the structure follows a stringent logic and if all calculations are disclosed in a transparent and traceable manner. So, good spreadsheet templates avoid black box calculations, such as e.g. sometimes when using Macros. Better to keep things simple and show the calculations step by step so the spreadsheet becomes easier to read and understand for any kind of user.

In Conclusion: 

A good quality spreadsheet template first and foremost needs to fulfill its main objective which is to solve problems for the user. Next would be to help the user save some time in doing their task since financial modeling can be too time-consuming especially for complex cases. Another important sign of a good quality spreadsheet is the know-how behind it. Without the proper know-how, the logic of the model wouldn’t make any sense and won’t be useful and not a reliable source of information for the user to use in making economic decisions. Basically, the spreadsheet needs to be technically correct and transparent so that any kind of user, either beginner or expert, will find it easy to understand and use the template.