Gas Station Financial Feasibility Model

The Gas Station Financial Feasibility Model Template provides you with a framework to determine the financial feasibility of your next gas station project and come up with an appropriate financing structure. The model calculates the required funding and return (unlevered and levered IRRs) as well as the project’s NPV.

Gasoline Station Financial Model Template
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This financial feasibility model template in Excel allows you to determine the financial feasibility of a new gas station project and figure out the financing structure.

The financial model includes revenues from various sources including different types of gas sold, a supermarket, a repair shop and a car wash station. Sales revenues are linked to the amount of gas sold wich allows to run different scenarios to build a better understanding on the business case. Profit on gas sales is calculated by using the spread on a per gallon/liter basis between gasoline purchases and sales. The assumptions are then used in a condensed version to build up the expected financial statements such as income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.


An overview of the financial model template is provided here:


The highlights of the financial model template are the following:

  • Detailed operating model for gasoline sales volumes by gas type
  • Rent/Build Scenario – Gasoline station can either be bought (CAPEX expense required) or rented (rent expenses)
  • Revenues for a supermarket, repair shop or car wash station are linked to the gasoline sales (which is an indicator of the traffic the gasoline station receives)
  • Debt schedule with 3 layers of financial debt
  • Three Statement Model with projections for the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement
  • Forecast of the main financial ratios
  • Free Cash Flow forecast
  • NPV and IRR calculation (levered and unlevered)
  • Uses and sources of Funds table
  • Return calculation for two types of investors (Founders and Investors)
  • IRR

This financial model template allows you to obtain a detailed understanding about the economics of your gas station business and investment case.


The financial model is available in two versions in Excel and as PDF Previews:

Light Version:

  • 5 Year Forecast only
  • No sensitivity tables

Full Version

  • 10 Year Forecast
  • Monthly Forecast and Budgets for the first 3 years
  • Break-even analysis
  • Sensitivity tables, Easy Scaling Factors for Key Value Drivers and Tornado Diagram



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