Free Online Budget Planner Excel Template for Goods Company

This is a Free Budget Planner Excel Template for a Goods Manufacturing or Trading Company. The budget planner allows to prepare a yearly budget and to compare actual vs. budgeted data.

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This is a Free Online Budget Planner Template for a goods trading or manufacturing company that allows preparing a yearly budget in Excel.

This is a very simple budget plan template that is easy-to-use for any kind of user. It provides two columns which include a side by side comparison of the actual vs. budgeted figures. Included is also a cost structure analysis as % of sales and a variance analysis. The Free Online Budget Planner Template also comes with a variety of charts to better understand deviations from the budget. It also includes is a waterfall chart showing the EBITDA bridge which reconciles the budget to actual figures.

The structure of this free budget planner spreadsheet template is as follows:

  • Revenues
  • COGS
  • Gross Profit
  • OPEX
  • Depreciation & Amortization
  • EBIT
  • Other income and expenses
  • Profit before Tax
  • Taxes
  • Net Income

Creating an annual budget plan is very important especially for businesses that trade goods or manufacturing, as such, you can make use of this FREE online budget planner Excel template as the starting base of your budget plan.

This free online budget planner spreadsheet template comes as an Excel file free to download.
File type: .xlsx


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