Private Equity Fund Model (Investor Cashflows)

Private Equity Cashflow Model to be used at the time of fundraising activities

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1. A comprehensive model for analyzing LP commitments, fees and expenses to GP, and distributions from the fund investments. The assumed fund life in the model is 10 years.
2. There is an option for 4 types of investors with different combinations with respect to commitment size, fees, expenses, taxes, hurdle specifications, and the option of carry-catch up ratios.
3. The cash flows can be calculated for any foreign currency and then converted to dollar.
4. Based on contributions during the commitment period, it presents investments into projects and its cashflows, share of each investor from the project distributions post taxes, fees, and expenses.
5. Fund level analysis, including, IRR and MOIC at pre-tax, post-tax, post-tax, fees, expenses, and post-tax, fees, expenses, carry-catch-up levels.
It can be used as a template by any private equity firm raising equity for the fund and looking at equity investments into the projects. The model is detailed and covers all the relevant concepts used in private equity cash flow models.

Please let me know if you need specific modifications to the model. You may reach me at [email protected]

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