Budget Template in Excel – Analysis in 4 Steps

The Purpose of the 4 Step Budget Analysis Spreadsheet Template is to offer a user-friendly solution to track your budget on a monthly basis. The budget template in Excel offers input pages for monthly Budget and Actual Profit & Loss figures for the current and for the last financial year. The spreadsheet template focuses on an easy-to-follow 4 step analysis to understand where the budget is met and how to explain variances.

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The budget analysis is summarized in form of a dashboard containing traffic lights tracking the budget as per the latest Actuals available and charts to compare Sales and EBITDA on a monthly basis. The budget template contains monthly tables and comparisons are available for further analysis.

Here a short explanation of how the analysis works.

The dashboard of the budget analysis template focuses on the following questions:

Are we on target to meet the budgeted targets? We have traffic lights tracking the achievement of targets related to revenues, gross profit margins, OPEX, EBITDA, and EBITDA Margins

Step 1: How are we doing on a monthly basis? (Actuals vs. Budget)

Step 2: How are we doing on a cumulated basis? (Cumulative Actuals vs. Budget)

Step 3: How are we doing compared to last year? (This year vs. previous year)

Step 4: How does an updated (rolling) Forecast compare to the initial Budget? (Updated Forecast vs. initial Forecast)

By answering these questions, a more solid understanding of a company’s budget can be obtained. Detailed schedules related to the budget, actuals, variances are available for further analysis.

The budget analysis template includes the following worksheets:

  • Title
  • Configuration
  • Dashboard
  • Overview (Actuals and Budget this year, Variance, Updated Forecast, Budget, and Actuals last year)
  • Inputs This Year
  • Inputs Last Year
  • Calculations
  • Chart Data

The excel budget template is available in two model versions, a free PDF Preview, and a fully editable Excel spreadsheet template.

File types:
– .xlsx
– .pdf

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