Fundraising Project Plan Template in Excel

This is an Excel fundraising project plan template for companies wishing to map out the required steps to conclude a fundraising event. The drafted plan templates outlines the necessary steps until to closing of the intended fundraising.

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Fundraising can be quite a hazzle and many times companies will have to spend a lot of time and energy to organize the funding. Therefore, it’s important to properly plan such a project as getting to a fundraising event requires persistence, constant follow up, and preparedness. This fundraising project plan template is what you need to help you map out the anticipated tasks up for a successful fundraising campaign.

This project plan for fundraising events adds up the required times to complete each task and allows you to calculate by when the anticipated closing can happen. Basically, this project plan for fundraising events is mainly targeted for companies that seek financing from a select few investors where they will have to negotiate on a private basis.

The draft template is structured as follows:

  • Prepare financial model
  • Prepare information memorandum
  • Research investor list
  • Reach out and approach investors
  • Negotiate Letter of Intent
  • Prepare data room
  • Due Diligence
  • Closing

This Excel fundraising project plan template also provides a well-structured form to plan the event with the help of MS Excel.

  • Define your start date and timeline
  • Enter the tasks required to plan for your fundraising campaign
  • Enter start date, duration and end date for each task or link them as dependencies to other tasks
  • Enter involved team member and obtain a view on likely workload
  • Enter % of task completed

So, you either can follow the suggested plan or edit and update the project plan for a fundraising event to your timeplan what will be needed for a successful fundraising event.


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