Cap Tables & Investor Returns Model

Cap Table Model for Startups with multiple rounds of investments and investors returns analysis.

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User-friendly Cap Table Model for a startup company or early-stage venture including multiple rounds of investments and investors returns analysis.

The template is a flexible tool assisting investors in identifying how much venture capital a start-up requires and when based on Discounted Free Cash Flow, computes pre-money and post-money valuation for each round of financing, calculates percentages ownership at each round, and computes the internal rate of return (IRR) and cash-on-cash (CoC) for each investor using different exit value scenarios.

Key Features:

• 3 Statement Model for 5-Year Forecast (manual data input required by user)
• DCF & Company Valuation (pre/post-money)
• Enterprise Value, Equity Value, and Share Price calculation
• Cap tables for multiple rounds of investment (Pre, Seed, Series A-B-C)
• FD Shares Outstanding & Equity Contributions Analysis
• Preferred Participation & Dividends calculation
• Investors Returns at exit (Total cash flows, IRR, CoC)
• Exit Value Scenarios
• Dashboard

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