From Trial Balance to Business Valuation – Management Accounts Model

Management Accounts Template, providing full reporting cycle and mapping between accounting and financial statements.

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General overview

The main purpose of the model is to allow users to create Company’s Management Accounts, starting from Trial Balance up to Business Valuation and Executive Summary.

The template is created using Financial Modeling Best Practices including a Trial Balance, 3 Statement Financial Model (Actual & Forecast), KPI & Breakeven Analysis, Business Valuation, and Executive Summary.

The structure of the model is user-friendly with very easy customization for any type of business.

General Instructions

Throughout the entire model, formulas are in black color and hard-coded numbers are in blue color. The user must fill only the blue colored numbers and the rest of the model will be automatically updated.

To begin first update Company’s General Info on the Contents Sheet (blue colored numbers only)

Inputs Cells (Blue color Numbers))

1. Mapping Settings: Update Current and Last Year Reporting Period. Adjust the categories/classes in the Mapping tables based according to your company’s reporting standards
2. Trial Balance: Update Last Year and Current Period Data
3. Supporting Data: Update Assumptions and Tax Rates

Output Tabs:

The following outputs will be created based on the input cells

1. Trial Balance: Closing Balances for Last year and Current Year
2. 3 Statement Model for Actual & 5-Year Forecast
3. KPIs (Financial Ratios) & Breakeven Analysis
4. Business Valuation
5. Executive Summary

Note: Enter the Name of the Company in Contents Tab (cell E15) and the Header Title in each slide will be automatically updated

In the case of any inquiry or modifications/customizations requests, please feel free to contact me via e-mail: [email protected]

This model template comes as a FREE, LITE, or FULL version in .pdf and .xlsx file type which can be opened using MS Excel and any PDF File Viewer.

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