Fintech Business Plan Financial Model Excel Template

Our specialists have developed this financial model for fintech companies that want to manage their own financial performance wisely. This model has all templates for the economic analysis of fintech transactions, such as transactions with banking cards, FOREX transactions, etc. Fintech companies have specific sources of income and expenses types, and our fintech business model reflects all of them.

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Analyze Fintech Revenue Model, Costs, Profit, And Cash Flow With Fintech Financial Model Excel Template. Get It!

This fintech financial model will be a perfect fit for the companies that operate in the fintech industry and want to assess their financial performance.

You can use this fintech business model template for start-ups to make the financial forecasts. You can also use it for your existing fintech business to identify its financial performance, strengths, and weaknesses.


This financial model focuses on the activities relevant to the fintech industry. The primary key performance indicator (KPI) used in this model is the number of clients the company has.
The model has the spreadsheet with the revenue breakdown that includes transaction revenue and currency exchange revenue (for transactions with currency conversion).
The model also has an expense breakdown. It focuses on the main fintech expenses, such as card issuance costs and client verification costs.
Our fintech business model template has a unique spreadsheet for the financial analysis of marketing activities. It includes three customers’ attraction channels: marketing, organic clients, and referrals.
This financial model also focuses on the monthly churn rate, because the success of a fintech company directly depends on the number of customers.
Like all our financial models, the fintech financial model has three main financial reports, i.e., Income statement, Balance sheet, and Cash flow statement, and all standard financial calculations.


Our fintech financial model has a detailed breakdown of income and expenses relevant to the fintech industry.

It shows a line-by-line breakdown of the revenue streams, including revenue per transaction and revenue from the FOREX transactions.

This fintech business model focuses on customer attraction activities and related expenses. It helps users to analyze the financial performance of each marketing channel and calculate customer acquisition costs.

The fintech financial model automatically calculates the monthly churn rate.

You can perform the sensitivity analysis and analyze the impact of specific revenue and expense categories on EBITDA.

This model has a full set of financial statements and additional calculations crucial for any business.

The model also has a convenient dashboard where you can see all the necessary financial information.

You can use this fintech business model template both for internal analysis and as a business plan to show your potential investors.

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