Using Business Models as Examples

These days, downloading tools online for businesses is a trend that’s continuously rising. With these business plan tools, they helped businesses in different industries succeed in their trade not just locally but also globally. Some of these tools are for free while others will cost only a little, which is nothing compared to the returns that every business will get back.

There are some who are not comfortable with not being able to do an effective job in creating their own business models for their businesses. Hence, hiring professionals to create one for them is still in demand. But, there are reasons to back up on why using business models as examples or basis, are preferred by most of the startups or businessmen in different industries.


Why Use Business Model Examples?

Reasons such as: time and cost efficiency, experience, and trust. If you can do the same work in a lesser time and cost, then isn’t it the best choice? Who would want to spend more for the same kind of result? It is obviously better to use a pre-made template to use as a base once you start and work your way on completing it with the details you want to add.

Next is gaining experience about starting a business by using a business model. The business models as examples will educate and help you understand more about business planning and what is the best options regarding starting a business. You want to ensure that you will focus on your goal and the path where you want your business will grow and at the same time, learn how to implement these plans for the future of your business.

Last but not the least is the trust issues that will occur when passing information about your business. Some things are better kept within the business and confidential to avoid leaking important details which might affect your operations once divulge to competitors. It might sound exaggerated but, some people are not comfortable with involving outside parties. Hence, using business models as an example is better since it won’t require you to let people in from outside of your business.


Business Model Examples

Business owners have it hard, facing many challenges in making their businesses grow such as planning and strategizing. Every business will of course vary depending on what kind of business model they pursued.

There are many different kinds of business models. To know more of these business models, here is a list of the main business model examples commonly used today and included are links where you can find business models examples available for download.

  • Subscription-based business models – This is where customers need to pay a subscription fee to gain access to the product or services. These kinds of models used to be for magazines and newspapers but nowadays, this model is used by many businesses and websites. The following are the business models examples you can refer to: Software as a Service (SaaS) Business Models and Rental Machine Business Models.


  • Project-based business models – In this kind of model, this is where you work on a project and then charged for that project in a set fee. Either from big time projects like infrastructure projects, consulting firms’ projects, or web developing projects, need project-based business models. The following are the business models examples you can refer to: Consulting Business Models, Construction Business Model, and Mobile App Business Model.


  • Product-based business models – This is the most commonly used business model that is in demand and popular. Every store selling physical products, such as clothing, jewelry, cars, etc. are all businesses that applies product-based business models. The following are the business models examples you can refer to: Jewelry Store Business Model and Used Car Business Model.


  • Service-based business models – This kind of business model is the same with Product-based business models except, instead of physical products, they offer services that consumers need, such as Hotels, Restaurants, Consulting, etc. The following are the business models examples you can refer to: Hotel Business Model, Restaurant Business Model, and IT Consulting Business Model.


Downloading Business Model Templates

Business Models Examples are offered in different platform online for every interested business people or for professionals offering financial services. Providing businessmen, entrepreneurs and investors an easy to edit option, ready-made business model templates. Thus, giving the user an easier way to change the figures inputted which is then automatically calculated by the template. These templates are made by financial modeling experts too. Hence, once you use the templates as the basis, the business model you’ll create will seem like you hired a professional.

Downloading an Excel Business Model template is very convenient and provides a nifty tool to better understand how the business model works. So, if you’re interested and in need of business model examples, you can check out our website for more business models or financial models and you can freely choose from which industry your preferred business fits.

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