Pawn Shop / Broker 5 Year Financial Model

A forecast that has revenue and expense assumptions directly related to a pawn shop business.

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Video Tutorial:

The model have revenue assumptions that split the expected type of items you want to sell into 3 main high level categories. From there, you define each lower level category, give it an expected value range (low/mid/high) define your desired margins and enter the expected sales growth per year of each low level category.

COGS auto populates per the expected margins and then you enter running monthly costs, startup costs, and capex assumptions.

There are also assumptions for an exit and the possibility of financing as well as an exit multiple (EBITDAx or Revenuex).

After all the assumptions are entered, a monthly and annual P&L / cash flow will populate. The debt will automatically come out of cash flow if there is an exit.

An executive summary is also shown that gives a nice clean picture of key financial performance without much scrolling. There are also lots of charts to visualize the performance over time.

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