Hotel Valuation Financial Model

The Hotel Valuation Financial Model provides a simple way to forecast the expected cash flows for a hotel investment and calculates the relevant investor metrics such as the IRR (levered and unlevered).

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The Hotel Valuation Financial Model provides the framework to value a hotel via the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method.

Based on user’s feedback we have reworked this model to focus on the DCF value and also have added the Sensitivity Analysis to it. The previous IRR analysis part now is included only in a separate Hotel Investment Model.

The Excel model template provides the following:

  • Executive Summary with key charts, key metrics, and key assumptions. Simply change the assumptions on the right and see immediately the effect on the charts for easy to understand
  • Yearly financial projections for 10 years
  • Key Assumptions
    • Average room rate
    • Average occupancy rate
    • Number of rooms
    • Commission costs for affiliate marketers and transaction costs
    • Cost of sales
    • All other operating expenses (OPEX) costs (modeled as fixed costs)
    • Discount Rate (WACC)
    • Exit EV/EBITDA Multiple
  • Revenue Streams
    • Room rental
    • Food & Beverage
  • Financial Statements (Yearly) – Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement
  • DCF Valuation Analysis
  • Sensitivity Tables
    • Show the results what happens when key assumptions such as the average room rates or occupancy rates will be changed
    • Switch for Enterprise Value / Equity Value
  • Debt schedule which models two layers of financial debt (junior and senior debt) – if needed
  • Fixed asset depreciation schedule with different categories of fixed assets
  • Forecast of all relevant financial ratios
  • Print-friendly layout including charts and graphs

The Executive Summary provides an instant overview of a Hotel’s valuation based on DCF analysis and the related assumptions.

The model is available in two versions, a FREE PDF Demo Version and an Excel version where all cells are editable.


.pdf PDF Acrobat Reader

.xlsx Microsoft Excel


  • Hotel Investment Model


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