Website / App Financial Model (Recurring Revenue Services)

A great tool to model out any recurring revenue service that acquires users through a website or app.

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Updates have been made to the logic for distribution, IRR, NPV, and levered / unlevered cash flow logic as well as some updated summary formatting.

You have revenue and cost assumptions. There is a global sensitivity up and down in 15% increments.

You can pick the month revenue/costs start as well as their monthly values per year (up to 5 years).

There is exit value logic along with a monthly/annual detail, an overall financial summary, and a distribution summary if you have investors owning a share of the future cash flows. This area shows DCF/NPV as well as IRR.

There are up to 5 pricing tiers and users are modeled to come in through to a free account first and then a % of those go to paid. From the paid pool you can assign %’s of users to each tier. Each tier has its own growth/churn. Users may also go from traffic direct to paid and that has its own % assumption by year.

Plenty of charts to get an idea of what is going on.

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