SaaS Model Templates – Big Bundle Version

Get 5 SaaS financial model templates for SaaS startups with the bulk price!

SaaS Templates Big Bundle Version
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Since you are planning to start your very own SaaS business,  you will certainly need to prepare a proper financial plan. Why not try this SaaS Model Template Bundle for a discounted price?

This template bundle is actually the Big Bundle version of our other Small Bundle version for SaaS Financial Model Templates. In this bundle, it includes 5 model templates for different SaaS business models.

These templates are specially designed for startups who are in need of help to do a projection of the financial statements, tracking recurring revenues and expenses, different pricing tiers, and many more that will help predict how your business should operate within a forecasted time period.

By choosing this bundle, not only will you save your time from having to purchase each template separately, but you will also get a discount!

Please check out the full product description of each template by clicking on their respective link below:

  1. SaaS Model Template (Single price tier version) – Full Excel version
  2. SaaS Model Template (3 Pricing tiers version) – Full Excel Model version
  3. SaaS Model Template (3 Pricing tiers version with Actuals Opt-in) – Full Excel version
  4. Free Trial Web/Mobile App Business Model – Full Excel version
  5. Freemium SaaS Business Financial Model – Full Excel version

All templates are fully editable with cells unlocked. And since the templates are built using MS Excel, all formulas are transparent and can be changed according to your specifications.

The value of this product bundle is USD 835 while the offering price is USD 415 (at a ~50% Price Discount!)

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