Robotic Kiosk Franchising: Ramping and Financial Projections

Certain franchisors are building fully functional robotic kiosks to server frozen yogurt. This model gives you the ability to build out financial forecasts of such an endeavor with fully dynamic assumptions about revenue/expenses and initial investment + ramping.

fresh frozen yogurt
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First let’s talk about this business a bit. The idea is you can have frozen yogurt serve itself 24/7. You simply have to make the investment in the equipment, pay for electricity, and pay to have someone stock it every time it runs out. The stocking isn’t too bad because there are alerts to tell you when the machine is getting low.

Other then that, it is all about location. If you can get the traffic, these types of kiosks can print money for you. The goal is to build out units as you earn profits. It is hard to see what the cash flow looks like on a time-relative basis if you are not using a financial model….so, this 3-year template was built.

It allows you to plan out all the financial aspects of purchasing and running robotic kiosk stands that serve people around the clock. The scaling features are dynamic and unique compared to all the other revenue logic that I have built for the other excel templates you have seen from me.

Included in the model is a DCF valuation, high and low level metrics about unit sales per serving type, sensitivity that auto adjusts a defined base of daily sales per serving type, a range of visuals to show cash position over time, debt service, and cash requirements.

The ambiguous nature of this model would allow for other types of kiosks to be analyzed. You can change up to 3 types of products, adjust running expenses, and adjust startup costs / expansion costs on a per unit basis in order to see your 3-year financial case.

You also have a break-even analysis that runs off of fixed and variables costs to show what your revenue needs to be to turn a profit per year / quarter / month / day as well as metrics on average revenue and net cash flow per unit each year.


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