Mini Storage Business Plan Template

The Mini Storage Business Plan Templates provides a financial plan to start a mini storage business. Enter your expected rent roll and cost structure and calculate Project IRR, Investor IRR and required funding.

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The Mini Storage financial plan template models the 10-year cash flows of a new Mini Storage Business in Excel. Demand for Mini Storage has been increasing also in other countries than the US in the last years due to higher prices for residential apartments and lack of space. For real estate owners, starting a Mini Storage business can be quite attractive as by offering flexible and short-term rentals of small Mini-Storage boxes, normally a higher yield can be achieved compared to renting normal storage space on a mid-to-long-term basis.

In this financial model, kindly enter your expected rent roll, the price per m3 (or any other volume unit you can input), enter your expected cost structure and calculate Project IRR, Investor IRR and required funding amount. You can also choose if you are going to buy or to rent the property and see the effect on the profitability of the project.

The highlights of the financial model template are the following:

– Rent roll to model 100 groups of Mini Storage Units for Rent

– Monthly rent roll model with a ramp-up of occupancy rate

– Detailed Pricing Model by type of storage box

– Projected Financial Statements: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement for a period of 10 years

– Financial ratio analysis

– Property: Buy or Rent decision which models either rental costs or the CAPEX required to purchase the property. Depending on the scenario, you can also play around with two different exit values, either as EV/EBITDA Multiple (in case space is rented) or as Gross Yield % estimate (in case the property is owned and the business might be viewed as any other real estate)

– Several IRR calculations to the unlevered and levered IRR of the project as well as investor IRRs for promoters and investors

– Calculation of required funding amount

– Executive Summary which summarizes the business case and key assumptions to fine-tune the business plan


This financial model template in Excel gives you a framework and starting base to develop a business plan for your new Mini Storage business.

The financial model is available in two versions, as PDF Demo Version and a Full Excel Version where all cells are editable in Excel.

Filetypes: .xlsx (Microsoft Excel for Mac) and .pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader)



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