Blockbuster Product Fundraising Financial Model Template

This is an Excel financial model template for a single blockbuster product where the founders need to raise funding from investors to setup production capacity for market launch.

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This is an Excel financial model template for a single blockbuster product that requires funding. Blockbuster products normally experience huge demand so that when launching the product, installing new production capacity and ramping up production usually is the main bottleneck. This financial model template forecasts the market launch of a single blockbuster product that needs to obtain funding from equity investors to install the required production capacity. Production is assumed on a per-unit cost basis where some of the equipment like tools and types of machinery will be purchased but production is made with the help of a contractor (outsourced production).

The model focuses especially on the effects of adding new production capacity and the resulting need for financing. A Uses and Sources of Funds table then analyses how much equity investment is required, a table allocates the desired equity stakes and the model calculates the investor profits and returns for up to 10 investors.

A walkthrough of the financial model template is provided below:


The highlights of this Excel financial model template are the following:

  • Model template focuses on the production and the marketing for a single blockbuster product
  • Executive Summary Sheet with main results of the financial model and Key Assumptions
  • Detailed forecast of the installed production capacity (units per day) and production utilization factor (%) for the next years
  • The forecast includes up to 10 different sales channels with potential different pricing structures
  • Simplified production cost assumptions based on per unit cost for production (e.g. when production can be outsourced), assembly, packaging, and shipping
  • Operating costs such as Sales & Marketing, General & Admin and other operating costs forecasted as % of revenues
  • DCF Valuation of the company
  • Calculation of required funding amount based on Free Cash Flow to Firm Analysis
  • Uses and Sources of Funds Table
  • Investor Return Analysis for up to 10 different investors and based on flexible exit scenarios (choose any year which you assume the investors will exit their investment)
  • Table which compares the equity stakes and number of shares for each investor
  • Pre- and Post Money Valuation, compare price per share and the value per share of the DCF Analysis
  • Three Statement model with forecasted Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements over the next 10 years
  • Debt Schedule
  • Fixed Asset Schedule
  • Calculation of the main financial ratios
  • Various charts and graphs
  • Sensitivity table which simulates a change in the Discount Rate, Exit EV/EBITDA Multiple, EBITDA Margin and Additional production capacity on either the Enterprise Value or the Equity Value resulting from the DCF Valuation of this company.

This financial model template comes as an Excel file and contains no Macros. It can serve as an ideal framework when preparing a fundraising case for a single blockbuster product and you need to demonstrate the ramp-up and the potential of this product.

Note: In case the model requires too much time to update, either delete the sensitivity table and remove the corresponding links in the model or set the calculations preferences in Excel to “Calculate Automatically without data tables” (so data tables are not every time updated you press enter).



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