Tourism Project Financial Model Template

This Financial Model Template in Excel assists you to determine the financial feasibility for your next Tourism Project. The model comes up with monthly and yearly financial forecasts based on the estimated number of visitors and revenue models related to the business and calculates IRRs and the NPV of the Project.

Tourism Financial Model
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This financial model template helps you to come up with a bottom-up forecast for a new tourism project such as a cable-car company, a visitor park, a museum or any other tourist attraction driven by the number of visitors.

Different revenue models monetize your stream of visitors, e.g. through entrance fees, parking fees, transport fees or revenue from operating a restaurant, hotel or small shop. The forecasts result in a monthly budget and a 10-year financial forecast for the financial statements of the company. Based on those projections the model calculates the financial feasibility in the form of NPV and IRRs as well as the funding required.

The tourism project model (in Excel) contains the following:

  • Dashboard with key assumptions and Summary of the Output of the model
  • Detailed revenue model
    • Revenues from Pick-up Services
    • Revenues from Transport Services (e.g. a Cable Car)
    • Revenues from Entrance Fees (e.g. a visitor park)
    • Parking Revenues
    • Revenues from a Restaurant
    • Revenues from a Hotel
    • Revenues from a Retail Store
    • Revenue from Premium Attractions
    • Subsidy income
  • Detailed Monthly Budget, Calculation of monthly Profit & Loss (at EBITDA Level)
  • Allocation of Yearly Costs to specific months of the year to account for eventual seasonality effects
  • 10 Year Financial Forecast: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement
  • Calculation of the Project’s Net Present Value (NPV), Unlevered IRR and Levered IRR
  • Calculation of Funding Required
  • Uses and Sources of Fund Table
  • Calculation of Investor IRR depending on their Equity Stakes
  • Sensitivity Analysis for Unlevered and Levered IRR for the main value drivers
  • Debt Schedule
  • Fixed Asset Schedule
  • Assumption Sheet
  • Financial Ratios

The model can also be used to build up a financial case when raising funding from investors or from banks.

The model is available as full Excel Version and as a PDF Demo Version.

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This Video explains how the model works:

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