Dividends Passive Income Model

In this financial model you can estimate the average annual savings rate and determine how much of the savings will be invested in dividend stocks to calculate the number of years required to obtain a certain wealth amount or passive dividend income.

Dividends Passive Income Model
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Ever thought how much wealth could be created, when regularly investing in dividend stocks? – Investing in Dividend stocks can be a very lucrative investment strategy, especially when done over long periods of time. The created wealth than can be used to finance one’s living expenses.

The attached model uses a two-phased approach to project annual savings, dividend and capital gain income from a dividend stock portfolio. Simply input your income, expense and savings parameters to easily calculate in which year you can afford to go into retirement.

Also, find out in which years certain wealth and dividend income targets can be achieved.

The model is available in two versions, a Free PDF Demo version and a fully editable Excel version.

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.pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader)

.xlsx (Microsoft Excel)

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