Training Tracker – Human Resources Tool: Up to 499 Employees

A great tool for any HR manager that needs to keep track of what training / requirement items have been completed over time.

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This is a Google Sheet template and comes in the form of an access link. Once clicked through, Hit File > Make a Copy to use your own editable version. A free Gmail account is required to use this.

The tool is very easy to use and can be used across multiple years. The flow starts with a data entry tab where the user can enter data into each row every time a given training item is completed or not completed for each employee. The database uses dropdown lists that are populated based on the user’s entry of each employee and training item on the validation tab.

On the data entry tab, the fields are: Employee Name, Training Plan, Completed (yes/no), Date. Based on those entries, all subsequent reports and tracking are automated. There are two main report summaries that show the number of items completed per employee as well as a separate summary that shows the date each employee has completed a given item.

The file can support up to 20 unique training items / requirement items and up to 499 employees at one time.

There are a few other reports that will show lists of all completed and incomplete items by employees as well as a consolidated summary of the count of items completed, incomplete, and pending per employee as well as a visualization that shows incomplete items per employee. Use each sheet for 1 year at a time and keep a master template that has all the base information already filled in (employee names / training items) and then make a copy of that for each year. You can store the link to each year in the master template. Slots were made available to this.

There are complete instructions within the file as well.

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