Top 16 Google Sheet Templates

This is a bundle of all the most useful and efficient google sheet templates I have built over the years. Includes everything from budgeting and crew timeline planning to customer pipeline management.

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Note, this is delivered via a Microsoft Word document that contains all 16 google sheet links. Be sure to go into each link and hit File > Make a Copy in order to gain access to the editable version of each. You will also need to own a free google account.

The business tools and templates are listed in the order they appear in the word doc and displayed in the images on this page. Only #11 contains a script and the rest will utilize only formulas (filter/sum/countifs/conditional formatting) and interesting structuring that make management things easy for the user.

The templates included are:
1. Accounts Receivable and Payable – Has aging reports, future coming due reports, summary by invoice/client/vendor, more.
2. Budget Vs. Actual Variance Analysis with Cash Flow (monthly) – 12-month budget vs actual with cash flow analysis, more.
3. Profit / Loss and Cash Flow Tracking in Real-Time – Drop-in transaction log and this will auto-populate week/month/year.
4. Car Salesperson: Improvement Tracker – Track car sales and customer pipeline/appointments, win/loss rate, more.
5. Incentivizing Sales People – Multiple Scenario Planning with Comparison Visuals – Sensitivity analysis for commissions.
6. Gantt Schedule – Display when various projects are being done on a timeline with a color-coded display.
7. Gantt Schedule with Man Hour Allocation – Display when projects are planned to happen as well as revenue and man-hours.
8. DCF Analysis with Robust Sensitivity Tables – Complete sensitivity analysis for up to 4 cash flow scenarios and 6 discount rates.
9. Employee Scheduling – Enter static data about when people are scheduled and see coverage over a given 24/7 period.
10. To-Do List Tracker – Track when recurring things need to be done from a list.
11. Database tracking and reporting with filters / scripts – Organize things and push data to different sheets when cells change.
12. Advanced Database Reports: multiple criteria – Displays data based on dropdown selections / advanced filtering.
13. 6-Stage Sales Pipeline Tracker – Track the value and type of activity in your sales pipeline.
14. Contract Billings Rolling Annual Revenue Tracker with a Goal – For high-value, low-volume customers that have recurring contracts.
15. Sales Pipeline with Probability of Renewal – Sales forecasting analysis based on the chance a client will renew. High value, low volume customers.
16. Cash Survival Outlook – Based on current cash reserves and expected future cash in/out, this will show when cash reserves get depleted over time.

Conditional formatting is done for a nice visual.

Individual instructions exist in each sheet.

I tried to pick the best screenshot of each g sheet template to display so it gives a better idea of what each workbook is about/looks/feels.

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