SAAS Financial Model Excel Template (Fully-Vetted and Ready-to-Use)

Fully-Vetted Comprehensive SAAS Financial Model + Video Series + Pocket Guide

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The UPtick SAAS Template is a simple yet robust financial model that allows you to make intelligent and granular forecasts helping you achieve your business and investment objectives

—Financial Model Highlights—

• Dynamic Timeline: Development Phase + Operations Phase
• Revenue Model: Subscription Revenue Model and/or Freemium Revenue Model
• Cost Model: Development Cost, Cost of Sales, Operating Expenses
• Financials: IS, BS, CFS, Horizontal Analysis, Vertical Analysis, Horizontal Analysis,
• Ratio Analysis: Growth, Profitability, Return, Efficiency, Leverage, Liquidity
• Valuation: Discounted Cash Flow, Relative Valuation, Precedent Transaction Analysis
• Performance Summary: Graphical & Tabular Representation

—Video Walk-Through—


—Why UPtick—

• The Only Financial Model Template is accompanied with conceptual video series and industry benchmarks to enhance your quality of forecasting.
• The UPtick SAAS Financial Model Template achieves the golden mean between being too easy or too complex.
• This ready-to-use financial model is vetted by industry veterans and is designed to be comfortably operable.

—Video Series List—

Customer Lifetime Value CLV, Churn Rate, Average Revenue Per User ARPU, Customer Acquisition Cost CAC, Burn Rate, Customer Retention Rate, Average Order Value AOV, Conversion Rate, Gross Merchandise Value GMV, Recurring Revenue, Cost Per Mile CPM, Cost Per Click CPC, Cost Per Acquisition CPA, Run Rate, Customer Lifetime, Profit Margin, Growth Rate, Active Users, Return on Investment ROI, Operating Expense Ratio OER, CLV:CAC, Advertisement, Average Price Per Unit APPU, Transaction Fees, Downloads, Attendees, Impression, Listing, Capacity Utilization Rate, Pricing Plan Distribution, Session, Traffic, User Base, Views


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