Personal Finance Package

A 3-in-1 bundle template for your personal finance needs.

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If you are looking for a better way to organize your personal finances, this is the perfect bundle. This Budget Sheet Template allows you to project your monthly budget out for the whole year.


  1. Monthly Budget Sheet
  2. Loan Schedule
  3. Net Worth Calculator
  4. Charts

You can start by inputting your projections in Column C. Actual income and expenses can be input each month to measure how they line up with what has been budgeted for each month. An annual summary is provided to keep you on track with your financial goals. If you are into charts and graphs, there are a few on the next tab to show you certain metrics like Monthly/Yearly Expense breakdowns and Budget Vs. Actual expenses by category for the year.

The Loan Schedule contains an input section where loan details can be entered such as Number of Payments, Interest Rate and Initial Loan Amount. The model will then calculate the information to give a breakdown of principal and interest paid each period and the remaining principal balance. This can be used for a home mortgage, student loans, and car loans, or any combination. The monthly payment will automatically transfer to the corresponding line item on the budget sheet. Also included is a Net Worth calculator which simply subtracts what you owe from what you own to give you your current net worth.

All cells in black font are input cells where custom information can be entered. All cells in blue font are formulas set to streamline the model.

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