Make Scheduling Easy – Excel Template

This is a weekly schedule builder. It works in excel, but there is also a google sheet version in the full download. Display is on a daily basis in 30 minute blocks and the actual printable schedule shows the start/end time per day per employee.

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This template is designed to make scheduling much easier on managers. It can be hard to juggle 5 or 10 or even 15 peoples schedules with their differing availabilities. You also have gaps and cross-overs to account for. This is hard to keep track of in your head, so why not put it into an excel file that tells you if you have any scheduling discrepancies.

The raw template allows for up to 15 employees to be managed, but that can easily be expanded to as many as needed.

The template works by first entering in the availabilities of each employee for each day of the week. Then, you will move to the actual schedule you want to create for the week and pick the start and end times for each employee for each day of the week. This template will display one week at a time. It is printable as well.

Based on the pre-defined availabilities (which can be adjusted as needed) the ‘schedule check’ tab will highlight the employees cell (based on day of the week and employee that has an issue) in red so you can see if you have scheduled anyone outside of their defined availability.

Based on simply selecting the start/end time of each employee, the total hours per day will be populated as well as the total hours per week per employee and in total. You can then measure that against a budget.

The final summary tab will display each day of the week in thirty minute increments and give you the count of employees that have been scheduled in each time slot over the course of the week. For example, it will say if you have 2 or 3 people scheduled in the same 30 minute block.

Automated color coding will highlight any block that has 0 people scheduled for a given 30 minute block.

Dropdowns will allow the user to pick the start/end times so you don’t have to manually write in the time. Also, you can define the hour your workday starts and the start date of the week and that will auto-populate all relevant areas.

Note, a google sheet link is included in the full version, which you can access as long as you have a google account.



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