LBO Financial Model (Detailed)

A comprehensive LBO (Leveraged buyout) financial model to analyze investor returns (IRR and Investment Multiple) over a period of 5 year time period as a sample case.

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1. A working quarterly LBO model to calculate purchase price, IRR, and multiple for investment into the entertainment industry (sample case).
2. In-depth financial projections based on multiple macro factors as well as company-related factors.
3. Projected financial statements. The same template can be used for any other industry/company.
4. Debt Schedule for LBO-related payouts as well as scheduling for short-term financing needs as per yearly cash deficit.
5. A detailed summary sheet for changing inputs as per requirements and quick results on returns along with trend analysis of key financials.

It can be used as a template by any mid-size private equity firm to quickly analyze acquisitions in terms of arriving at a purchase price and IRR calculations. The model is clean, simple, and easily customizable. It provides both annual as well as quarterly numbers.

1. Index
2. Summary
3. Industry (Revenue Drivers)
4. Market Performance
5. Income Statement
6. Balance Sheet
7. Cash Flow Statement
8. Schedules

Please let me know if you need specific modifications in the model or want the same for any other industry. I can also provide presentation templates for these models. You may reach me at [email protected]

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