Gas Sales & Distribution Model Template with 3 Statements and Valuation

Project Finance – Gas Distribution is a project finance model template for Gas Distribution company.

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Project finance is the financing of long-term infrastructure and industrial projects based upon a complex financial structure. Both project debt and equity are used to finance the project. Debt is repaid using the cash flow generated by the operation of the project, rather than other resources of the project owners.

Project Gas Model template is built for a proposal to set up a gas distribution system and includes assumptions related to:
1. LNG carrier purchase and conversion Capex
2. Pipeline and Submarine CAPEX
3. Gas volume Sold Power Plant
4. Gas volume sold to the Third party
5. Fuel Cost
6. Fixed and variable Capex

Model Output includes:
1. Project IRR & NPV
2. Equity IRR & NPV
3. Minimum and Average DSCR
4. Equity Payback Period
5. Cash Waterfall
6. Debt Service Profile

This model will help you in understanding and Modeling of:
1. Flexible capital structuring
2. DSCR (Debt Service coverage ratio)
3. PLCR (Project Life coverage ratio)
4. LLCR (Loan Life coverage ratio)
5. Cash waterfall
6. Project and Equity IRR
7. Gearing ratios


The model is ideal for those looking to achieve the following:

1. Refresh their financial modeling skills
2. Gain an understanding of leading approaches towards financial modeling, in order to build models that are robust and user friendly
in nature.
3. Extend their toolkit for modeling more complex areas of a project finance model in an efficient and flexible manner
4. Understand the very basics of Project Finance


Important Technical Specifications:

The following are important technical specifications that you need to keep in mind before purchasing this model template:

1. Model uses Macros (VBA). To run model optimally, keep macros enabled. In case you do not like Macros, you could manually disable or remove the Macros and will have to rework the model’s logic to be used without Macros but it is not recommended by the author. Feel free to refer to the included Macro Documentation (.doc file) as you download the template.

2. Model is built using Microsoft Excel 2010 version.

3. We advice not to delete or insert rows and columns into the model if you are not aware of the model structure as it can distort model functioning. If you need assistance with customizing the model template, the author is more than willing to help you. Simply contact through the Contact Vendor button or you can email [email protected] and send your model template as well as specifications. We will then get back to you with a quotation for the customization service (billable hours & completion date).

4. Model uses Cell Styles

5. File type is .xlsm


  • Excellent model for the Gas Industry

    Fin Wiser Advisory developers of the model were very professional but gave it a personal touch by following up and providing additional services. I was quite impressed with their flexibility and accommodation to added functionality to the existing model.

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