Dry Cleaning Financial Model


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You will have all the labels for startup costs and on-going expenses related to the dry cleaning business.

Revenue is built based on items per day, average item price, and total working days (all input by user).

The best part about this financial model is the versatility and dynamic use the user has. You will be able choose:
– Length of time you plan on operating (up to 50 years)
– % Revenue growth per year and how many years you plan on that growth being maintained (in other words you could model out growth for 5 years and then all years after that it is flat.
– % of Expense growth and how many years this growth happens for until going flat.
– Exit EBITDA multiple if you plan on selling in terminal year.
– % of startup costs financed and all relevant financing variables.
– Debt service auto populates.
– P&L pro forma includes cash EBITDA, cash flow after debt service, and running cash balance, which all dynamically update based on years held input.

The final return summary shows total and net $ and ROI as well as annualized %/$, IRR, and break even year.


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Summary Build a financial forecasting picture in the dry cleaning business.
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