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Compensation Plan Key Features

– It is an accounting page to arrange workplaces and pay strategies in your organization, making more clear the circulation of pay rates between occupations.

– Register up to 100 unique workplaces, educating the sort regarding the position and the compensation inside 5 diverse compensation ranges.

– Rundown all the workers in your business with their beginning position and their present position. You can enlist up to 200 representatives.

– Record all the advancements your workers got to keep your bookkeeping page refreshed with current pay rates and workplaces.

– Here you can check the combined outcomes, determined consequently dependent on the data recently gave. You will actually want to see subtleties of each position and to have an outline of all positions made in the organization.

– Here you will actually want to make a graphical assessment of the assumption for singular development of your workers. Seeing what position they are in, their advancement history, and their compensation in contrast with the remainder of the organization.

Compensation Plan available visualizations

Register of Offices | Register up to 100 different office locations, informing the type of position and the salary within 5 different salary ranges.

Employee Registration | List all the employees in your business with their starting position and their current position. You can register up to 200 employees.

Promotions Registration | Record all the promotions your employees received to keep your spreadsheet updated with current salaries and offices.

Consolidated Results | Here you can check the consolidated results, calculated automatically based on the information previously provided. You will be able to see details of each position and to have an overview of all positions created in the company.

Individual Employee Analysis | Here you will be able to make a graphical evaluation of the expectation of individual growth of your employees. Seeing what position they are in, their promotion history, and their salary in comparison to the rest of the company.

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