Reservations Sheet Template

A Reservations Sheet provides a quick and easy way to keep track of guests. Download the Reservations Sheet right here.

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This Reservations Sheet makes it easy for guests to submit online reservation requests to your hotel. This Reservations Sheet can quickly gather guest details such as the number of rooms requested, room type desired, anticipated arrival time, departure date, special requests, and more.

Reservations Sheet Key Features

– Complete reservations record in update form, in a single tool.

– It eliminates booking problems, by helping you “efficiently record down booked” rooms, and the room types as well.

– It is equally beneficial for hotels and motels, allows easy track down of reservations, and other booking information.

– Due to its simplicity and useful features, your “reservation staff” can become pro in using it, within days.

– Multiple spreadsheets, allow you to easily track down and monitor information require.

– It allows you to efficiently organize and “maintain booking system” while securing all this data in it.

Reservations Sheet available visualizations

Registration of Rooms and Guests | The first feature of the spreadsheet is a tab where you will register up to 100 rooms and how many guests you need.

Booking Tracking | Afterwards, you will be able to create reservations by simply selecting the guest from a menu, the desired period, and also the desired room. In addition, you will also have, on this screen, the daily amount and the total amount of guest expenses. This data will be used to generate a simple cash flow in your hotel.

Availability Preview | The main feature of the worksheet is the possibility to see all bookings by period and analyze which days the rooms are available.

Occupation Report | Then the worksheet automatically compiles all data completed and provides a complete room occupation report month-to-month.

Expense Registration | In addition to the expenses related to the reservation that must be registered in the reservation tab, you will also have a specific tab for your hotel’s general expenses such as purchases, maintenance, staff, property, etc.

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