Car Wash Tunnel – 5 Year Financial Projection

Build your dream car wash scenario and see what kind of cash flows play out.

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Video Tutorial:

The goal here is to give the user all the placeholders and descriptions of costs, revenues, and on-going expenses that relate to the car wash industry (tunnel car wash specifically).

This model goes out for a full 5 years (60 months) and includes dynamic financing integration, cost per car metrics and explanations, startup cost categories, and a unique revenue assumption builder.

The revenue assumption first allows you to enter an expected monthly car count per year. You then build in pricing packages from 1-6 titled whatever you want) and assign a price to each. There will then be boxes to fill in the % of your total monthly car count that you expect to fall into each pricing level.

You will get a monthly P&L / cash flow / running cash position tab and an annual.

Charts and visuals have been built to highlight some of the key metrics.

Make a copy of the template and track your actuals against projections to see how you perform!

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