Religious Organization 5-year Cash Flow Model

A great financial model to help one plan out the cash flows and feasibility of a religious facility.

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The focus of this financial model is to give specific revenue and expense assumptions that model out the way a religious center / church / place of worship takes in money and spends money as well as shows relevant startup costs. Just because it is a non-profit does not mean that prudent financial planning does not matter. There are a lot of running costs that go into such an endeavor so you will need to know how many giving units you need to make the organization sustainable and able to grow.

In order for you to test out some of the assumptions to see how they work, I have left a few inputs unlocked as mentioned on the ‘control’ tab.

You will see monthly and annual cash flow summaries along with visuals. One of the most interest is debt to cash over time.

Another use of this can be used as a budget vs. actual. Simply make a copy of the first template and save as a different name. You can then track your actuals vs. what you have modeled out.

Some of the dynamic features include the ability to turn expense on or off as well as pick the month that a given operational expense starts.

Revenue is projected based on the growth per month in each year as defined by user as well as demographic data and average % of income tithed as well as a few other income sources related to a religious organization specifically.

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