Human Resources Manager: Google Sheets Template

This is a stand-alone-template that is ready for data entry by the HR manager. Auto filter and summary display on 5+ data points per employee.

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Note, this is a Google Sheet and requires a free Gmail account in order to use.

Once purchased, simply go to the link in the word doc and then hit File > Make a Copy and follow the instructions.

Human resources is a very important area to keep organized. This tool helps the HR manager keep track of all relevant metrics for employees. This includes insurance status (eligible / signed up), attendance, strikes, raise history, type (full time / part-time / PRN / contractor / etc..)

The user simply enters data on the Data tab and all relevant summaries and visualizations on the dashboard will auto-update. All timing functions use the today() function and roll through time automatically. Dashboard stats include the count of employees by type and insurance coverage by type as well as percentage. Additionally, there are summary stats for employees by length of employment, age, strike count, and a display of those with perfect attendance.

Oftentimes, these things are tracked with pen and paper or with a more basic spreadsheet. The reason why Google Sheets was used for this is because of the filter functions and conditional formatting. It is not possible to easily create this logic in Excel but flows elegantly in Google Sheets.

The user can enter the bucket ranges for what constitutes a good attendance record, okay record, and bad as well as how many strikes are allowable. Based on these inputs, the relevant columns in the database will automatically change colors from green to yellow to red based on those inputs.

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