Hiring Plan – For SaaS + More: Sales Team, CS Reps, R&D and More

A straight forward tool that helps a small or large business plan out their hiring directives.

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This is structured to deal with scenarios more common to SaaS business logic. For example, the current structure will allow you to forecast out revenue per month based on an annual growth rate that can be adjusted per year for 5 years. You will then populate a value that represents the amount of future sales over the next 3 months that defines all your head count needs.

The 3 months is hard-coded in so that when you start adding in head counts for all the various hire types (Account Executives, Sales Managers, Customer Service Reps, etc…) it will represent the count you want to have hired per each unit of 3 month forward revenue.

To explain more clearly, here is an example. If you enter a forward revenue figure of $300k, it means that for every unit of $300k in revenue for the next 3 months, you will need “x” amount of sales reps and “X” amount of customer service reps and so-on based on how you are structuring your team over time.

Let’s say in that example that your forward 3 month revenue is $600k, that means it would take all the figures you entered and double them (600k/300k) = 2 so you would see 2x of all the entered headcounts.

You can then modify this by adjusting all the assumptions. This is useful for any size business and has enough flexibility to handle a lot of situations with enough granularity.

Plenty of visuals as well.

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