Financial planning and analysis for contracting and manufacturing company

Long-term contracts Financial plan in Microsoft Excel.

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Due to the proliferation of contracting companies that implement industrial and construction projects, the need has become urgent to implement principles and concepts in these companies in order to be able to control their expenditures and revenues and implement their projects in an economic and profitable manner, which helps to complete projects according to the required specifications and on time, which achieves the required profitability for these companies. The general and specific objectives of the development plans are met.

Contracting project contains many Financial elements such as program work, advance payment, retention, performance bond, bank guaranty, bank letter of credit, subcontractors, payment certificate.
this financial plan is so helpful to deal with all these elements to manage and control the project and reach the goal.

The companies with long-term contracts and many projects need to gather all project revenues and costs, cash in one sheet with small details of payroll and assets, and overhead exp. depend on the capacity of the projects and determine the capital need to finance all these projects.

Cash flow projection gives you the knowledge to better predict your cash needs months in advance. In turn, this can help your construction business grow and show you when a problem is coming on the horizon. Cash flow can be a significant problem for construction companies. Understanding how cash moves through your business throughout the year is critical to success.

From this financial model, you will be able to control and manage and plan any contracting company with any project volume, its monthly for five years starting from pre-operating to feasibility analysis.

This model template comes as a PREMIUM version in .xlsx file type which can be opened using MS Excel.

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