Financial Model for Recycling

A user friendly excel model that allows the user to plan out possible scenarios specific to the recycling business (up to 10 years). (Acquiring materials (cast-offs) and turning this into something valuable for others to use.

Recycling Business
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This would be the business you start that slows the building of landfills. If you have demand in your area for things that can be created from recycled materials, then it may be worth a look to model out some scenarios.

This model does a good job at allowing for dynamic material types to get assigned a cost per unit and sell price per unit. Based on this, you can build up some various margins as well as define running costs / startup costs / and any CapEx or financing assumptions.

There are detailed monthly and annual P&L summaries as well as more high-level executive summaries that include charts with a clear view of all the cash flows that are relevant to starting and exiting such a business. You can pick the revenue multiples used to determine an exit value.

There is a discounted cash flow analysis built into this as well as IRR, ROI, and net $’s returned per year. Everything is dynamic and gives the user a lot of flexibility to a wide range of scenarios and business types can fit within the recycling world. This is done by drilling down the basics of revenue generation and cost allocation.Graphs for Key Financial Metrics Summary Key Financial Metrics Graph Debt Schedule of a Financial Model Template for Recycling Business Monthly Profit and Loss Statement of a Recycling Business Executive Summary Report of a Recycling Business Startup Costs and One-Time CapEx of a Recycling Business Cost and Time to Process Raw Materials Section of a Financial Model for a Recycling Business Material Acquisition and Sales Assumption of a Recycling Business Exit Value Estimate and Financial Variables of a Recycling Business




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