Detailed Solar Farm Project Finance Model

A detailed project finance model for a solar farm

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This model is a detailed solar farm financial model. The purpose of this model is to evaluate the value to investors of potential solar farm development, including the ability to gear into the project to optimize returns to equity.

A typical debt structure as seen in industry has been modeled, although further optimizations may be available to particular solar farms based on individual project characteristics.

NOTE: This model includes macros that are used to optimize the amount of debt borrowed and the payment profile. You will need to enable macros to ensure that this model can work properly.

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– Ability to forecast up to 30 years of energy generation

– Detailed monthly modelling to ensure accurate cashflow projection during the construction period

– Detailed modelling of Solar Farm energy generation and operating costs, including asset degradation and transmission losses, varied cost timings and payment cycles

– Functionality to include analysis on whole or partial offtakers for energy generation

– Detailed funding calculations including debt and capital reserve accounts, cash sweeps, and cash balance management

– Ability to calculate the maximum level of debt supported by the project, or to manage debt repayments based on a target level of debt

– Equity IRR, Cash Yields, and Breakeven analysis

– Ability to model various debt structures and maturities


– Model Template uses Macros. To run model optimally, keep macros enabled. In case you do not like Macros, you could manually disable or remove the Macros and will have to rework the model’s logic to be used without Macros.

– File type is .xlsm

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