Cash Flow Dashboard Spreadsheet

The Cash Flow Dashboard Template helps you track the financial health of your business utilizing seven key metrics. Visualize your month to month cash stream circumstance with this extraordinarily planned Dashboard. Seeing a year at a time, so you’ll be able to spot patterns and compare together with your current assets

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The Cash Flow Dashboard lets you rapidly recognize ranges where your company is exceeding expectations and those that require remedial activity. And, the recognizable Excel spreadsheet format makes this layout as easy to utilize because it is lovely. Basically, enter your information and the template calculates the rest— so you’ll remain focused on your business and future opportunities.

Key Features

o This spreadsheet is made up of 7 performance metrics
o Remain focused and up to date
o Know where you’re financially
o Effectively visualize your cash flow to create future decisions
o Ready-to-print spreadsheets without Finmodelslab logo
o One-time Payment – No month to month fees
o Download Immediate after payment

Simple and Professional

o Completely opened template
o No confounding VBA code or Macro
o Spreadsheets prepared for printing
o Help and back after your purchase
o Immediate download
o No month to month fees

What is included?
o Cash In
o Cash Out
o Net Cash Movement
o Beginning / Ending Cash
o Accounts Receivable Balance
o Accounts Payable Balance

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