Apple Orchard Financial Feasibility Model

This financial model allows the user to enter various assumptions regarding specific criteria that has to do with an apple orchard. You will then be able to see how easy or difficult it might be to get such an endeavor off the ground.

Apple Orchard
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All aspects that go into building your own apple orchard have been included in this financial model. You have the ability to enter well over 30 assumptions that drive the annual cash flows (revenue, operational costs, startup costs). It will give you a very clear and clean picture of the financial feasibility of such a project as well as the timing that is involved.

Features Include:
– Go out 50 years in time.
– Pick up to 6 different apples/value categories.
– Pick what years you have a given sized orchard to better predict scale/size/production.
– Enter how many harvest/year.
– Enter % of total production that is saleable/% that you expect to sell from saleable.
– Enter the year that a given job type starts/change their salary per job type.
– Enter various hourly employees and their annual expected hours.
– Includes option to see how different financing variables will effect cash flow/returns if you want to take out a loan for some of the startup costs.

You also have a return sheet that shows the total initial investment and then compares it to the total cash flow return over “x” years based on your input and the net cash returned over time. You will also get annual yields as well as IRR.

Finally, to really put the financial picture into place, you get a chart that shows what your running cash balance is and the year you break even.

The reason why so many assumptions have been made available to the user is so that this financial model is the most useful it can be to a wide range of uses.



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