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Using a template for the 9 Box Model will help you consistently apply best practices to your talent development and management processes.

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The 9 Box Model is an individual assessment instrument that assesses a worker’s current and expected degree of commitment to the association. The vertical columns of the matrix demonstrate growth potential, and the horizontal rows recognize whether the employee is currently below, meeting, or exceeding performance expectations. The convergence of the two decides the representative’s present standing and where advancement might be required.

The 9 Box Model is most generally used in succession planning as a strategy for evaluating an organization’s current talent and distinguishing expected leaders. When leadership performance and potential are assessed and plotted on the graph, people in the upper right quadrant (Box 1) are distinguished as a high-likely possibility for succession, while those in the lower-left quadrant (Box 9) may be reassigned or taken out from the organization.

The boxes on the grid show where investment should be made to develop future leaders. Those individuals in box 1 ought to be prepared for a top leadership within a half year to a year; those in boxes 2, 3, or 6 have a more drawn-out timetable yet can be prepped for eventual movement to box 1.

9 Box Model Key Features

– Identify potential leaders

– Plan employee development

– Plan organizational improvement

– Define desired outcomes

– Schedule initial evaluations

– Encourage open-mindedness

9 Box Model available visualizations

Employee Registration | Register the employees to be evaluated, filling in the area in which they work, their functions, and personal data

Nine Box Evaluation | For each registered employee, evaluate their performance and the potential to automatically know the 9 Box Model and track a personalized feedback

Nine Box Report | See the number of employees in each of the 9 Box Model ratings

Nine Box Report by Area | See the number of employees for each 9 Box Model in each area of your company and think about strategies for areas with well-rated or poorly rated employees.

Nine Box Matrix Dashboard | Filling out the worksheet allows you to visualize the 9 Box Model with the number of employees in each of the 9 possible classifications.

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