Recurring To-Do List Manager – Google Sheets

An automated tracker of recurring to-do items. Visuals included.

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This tool was designed to be super simple and super useful. The idea is that you can track your list of things that you must do overtime. The unique thing about this tracker is it was made for things that must be done repeatedly and some set interval. You will easily be able to see when the last time was that you did something and how many days you need to do it again.

Use cases for this are widespread and it is great for businesses and individuals who need to track recurring items that they must do. For example, you can use it for keeping up with your household chores/maintenance or business can keep track of important deadlines for filing taxes. It could even be used to track when the last time inventory was ordered and when you should be expecting to order more. Another personal use case may be tracking your bill payments.

There are two automated filters that will show all to-do items that must be done within the next ‘x’ days as well as an automated sorted list based on what things need to be done sooner than later. The second list has a visual that comes along with it so you can quickly see how many items are going to be coming up in various time-frames.

The inputs that you will have to enter in order for all this logic to work is the list item name/description, the number of days/month interval between doing the list item, and the last date you did it. So, every time you do something, you can click on the date column and select the day you did it. Data validation was used so you can just double click the date cell and a calendar will come up rather than you having to manually enter the date.

Conditional formatting was implemented so you can see the items that are coming up in red. Items that have a while to do will show up as green. Items in the middle will show as yellow. There are parameters you can enter for when you want a given ‘days left’ to trigger red/yellow/green.

Important Note: This was built in google sheets and the download is a Microsoft word file that has the link to the google sheet. To use google sheets, you must have a free gmail account. Once you get the template open, go to File > Make a Copy in order to have your own editable version of the template.

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