Quantity Demand Model

A general model that uses your historical data and a growth/decline % to summarize future demand and compare that demand to actuals.

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Video Tutorial:

The data inputs have been designed to work with nearly any businesses data. All you need is date, amount, and product id. Based on that you can get a nice weekly schedule of the amount of quantity you expect to be demanded and compare that to your actual figures.

The value here is in the structure and logic. The model can easily be modified for many more product id’s or none at all.

A visual will show you by week how much your demand was projected for against the total actual demanded (quantity of items sold).

The bread and butter is the variance, which shows by item and by week as well as weekly total what your current numbers look like against the forecast.

A control tab was added to easily enter the years your data represents and the % of growth decline you expect to achieve from your historical performance.

Instructions included and video walk-through available.

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