A useful tool to help you take control of your finances by organizing and aggregating all relevant information in one place. Effectively manage your money and increase your savings, by setting a budget and controlling daily spending as well as reconciling current account and credit card balances.

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This fully editable workbook can be easily navigated through the Main Menu, providing access to:
• initial upload of current account and credit card balances;
• expenses/revenues budget input;
• Bank Transactions Register, for recording expenses, income, transfers, ATM withdrawals;
• Quick recap of account balances;
• Profit and Loss Report;
• Account reconciliation tool, with the ability to search movements for a specified time period and for each account;
– Formats (modifiable transaction descriptions used to populate drop-down windows in Bank Transactions Register);
• Dashboard, summarising key performance indicators in the form of graphs, all-in-one, with interactive function through drop-down windows.

Whenever necessary, to assist in data input, warnings and explanation messages are displayed to prevent or correct errors. Depending on computer capacity, the file may take up to 30 seconds to open. Two versions provided, one with sample data and one empty.

This model template comes as a PREMIUM version in .xlsx file type which can be opened using MS Excel.

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