Investment Metrics to Compare Multiple Stocks / Cryptocurrencies

A general set of models that come with explainers on how you derive various financial ratios from a given asset that changes in price over time.

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This acts as a logic explainer of the most commonly accepted and used financial ratios. You can use this template to build your own investment analysis. The ratios / values you drive are going to be useful when trying to quantitatively analyze multiple stocks / cryptocurrencies against each other.

Much of the ratios are based on some benchmark measured against a given asset. There could be multiple assets measured all at once and that gives you a unique filter when looking for an investment. The primary driver of data is time-series data points over various lengths of time.

Tabs include:
Buy and Hold Return %
Returns %
Benchmark Returns
Max Drawdown

Note this is not investment advice. Use at your own risk.

Investment Metrics Stock Cryptocurrency Portfolio
Investment Metrics Stock Cryptocurrency Portfolio

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